If you are already stressed out due to the economy, with the holidays fast approaching hold on tight. Holiday stress is nothing new.  We strive to make our holiday “picture perfect” as in a Norman Rockwell painting.  But the problem is that is just that; a painting.  So if it isn’t bad enough that we now will spend money we don’t have, and our in -(out)-laws are coming to town, your washing machine just died.  And we are left wondering, “why was all this so easy for my mother to do?”  Here’s the truth, it wasn’t.  And yet, our mothers wondered how their mothers’ made it work so easily.  Every year we strive for the perfect holiday, where everyone gets along, the kids are forever thankful for the money you spent (you know, the money that was going to feed the family for the next6 months?), your mother-in-law compliments you cooking a cleaning skills, and you wake up every morning happy you were born, and glad to be alive.  Dream on!  Think about what makes a perfect holiday season.  Living here in Texas, far away from the little family I have left and being single, last year put it all into perspective for me.  For the first time in my life, I was going to find myself all alone.  My daughter was engaged so spent Christmas with her fiancé’s family up in North Texas and I admit I was a little scared about making it through.  But here’s the thing…after receiving numerous phone calls (including one from my ex) and invitations for Christmas dinner, I realized how blessed I really was.  So it wasn’t the “perfect” Norman Rockwell Christmas, but it was right up there with the best.  The holidays aren’t about “unburnt” food, thankful kids, gushing in-laws, a clean house, etc.  It’s about feeling blessed because you have people who love you, enough food on the table, a roof over your head, and kids who will one day strive for the perfect Holiday they remember and wondering “how the heck did my mother make this look so easy?”

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As always, Take Care!  Donna Re Olsen