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This is a stressful time for people who take strong medicines for their pain. The withdrawal of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medications and the more stringent, FDA-mandated warnings on all NSAIDS have created fear and confusion about what’s safe and effective for treating pain.
You may feel overwhelmed and confused. You may ask yourself, “What’s safe? What medications can I take? What can I do now that I can no longer take this medication? What things can I do to improve my quality of life?”
The important thing to remember is that you are not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain and there are many organizations working to address this serious, life-altering, and profoundly difficult problem. Now, more than ever, is the time to educate yourself about your treatment options and empower yourself by doing what you can to care for yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
If you suffer from diagnosed chronic pain and are tired of having to increase your dosage while still not feeling complete relief, please give hypnotherapy a try. We have become such a society of “I want relief and I want it NOW”; that we have trained ourselves to expect to take a pill for whatever ails us. When are we going to say “enough is enough” and take back our bodies and our lives? Our subconscious mind controls the physical/psychological function of every part of the body with intelligence and the ability to produce what is needed in the correct dose at the right time without side effects!
We all know that pain does perform an important service. It serves as an early warning system that tells us that something is not right and you should find out what that is by getting a diagnosis. Pain is not the problem but a symptom.
Once you are diagnosed, your pain no longer serves any purpose. Unfortunately, your pain has not stopped. This is what is called “chronic pain”. It is this kind of pain that can be greatly reduced, if not eradicated completely, with hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Technique. While in the hypnotic state you will visualize your pain as some kind of object with a color and texture. You will then be asked to make this object bigger which will increase your discomfort and then smaller which will decrease your discomfort. By showing you that you are back in charge of your body, you can now take back control of your life.
Most doctors will tell you that the first line of defense in chronic pain sufferers is to exercise. Tell that to someone who has fibromyalgia or other chronic pain disorders. They can barely get out of bed let alone go for a walk. But exercise is what the body needs to release those wonderful pain fighting endorphins that make you feel amazingly good. So now you are part of that vicious circle that may chronic pain sufferers find themselves in. What do you do? First of all, get your physicians’ permission and start with simple stretches. You should stretch before even getting out of bed in the morning. We warm our cars up in cold weather but expect our bodies to go from 0-50 in seconds after being “shut off” all night. Shouldn’t we treat our bodies at least as well as we treat our cars?
Continue to stretch throughout your day. If you are sitting, whether driving or at a computer, you should stand up and stretch, if possible, every 30-45 minutes. Keeping your muscles warm and limber will go a long way toward making your days more bearable.
If you have been diagnosed with chronic pain, please consider hypnosis for pain management. You are welcome to log on to for more information. As always, Take Care – Donna Re Olsen

Take Care is now a licensed provider of the Hypno-Band Weight Loss System. Finally, there is an alternative to expensive and invasive surgery. With the Hypno-Band you are fitted with a Virtual Lap Band. This is a 4 -6 session program where your subconscious truly feels that you have had a gastric lap band inserted and your stomach capacity has been decreased considerably. If you are overweight and committed to lose weight, then you should be suitable for this system. Call now or log on to for more information.

So you have decided that this year, you will stick to your resolution to quit smoking. Good for you! But what makes this year different from last year or the year before that? Well, if you have made the decision (as opposed to someone making it for you), to quit, you probably need to do something different this time otherwise, you are setting yourself up to, once again, fail. Hypnotherapy can help with all the reasons you have failed in the past. Please don’t misunderstand me, hypnosis can’t make you quit. Every ex-smoker goes through what I call a “grieving period“. You are losing a friend who has been there to comfort you in times of need. Well, since your “friend” is slowly killing you, it’s time to find a new friend. Hypnosis and EFT will help you through that “grieving” process and will always be there to comfort you without killing you! Call me @ 210-473-1825. Really, what have you got to lose?

There are a lot of misconceptions about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy out there and I’d really like to clear them up. TV shows and movies have misrepresented this field for years. When people come to see me, they are nervous but are usually out of options to help them. Once I have answered all their questions and conducted the session, they are so excited. I always give you the safeguard that if you don’t like the feeling of hypnosis, you just need to count 1-5 and you’ll be “out” of hypnosis. This is because all hypnosis is really self-hypnosis, and I am merely the guide. Nobody has ever used this safeguard. They are most likely to complain “Oh, please, 10 more minutes” because it is the most relaxed they’ve been in a long time.
One of the biggest misconceptions is that you go to sleep, or that I’ll make you do something. Hypnosis is the opposite of sleep. It is a focused awareness. And because you hear every word I say, you still have free will to ignore anything that is said. That is why all you need for hypnotherapy to work is the motivation to change the behavior.
We all spend approximately 7 hours a day in the “hypnotic state”. Yes, you do, too. When you’ve been working at the computer and it feels like 10 minutes have gone by and it’s been 2 hours. When you cry at a movie or jump when the man with the axe jumps out during a horror movie. How about when you’ve slept 8 hours but dreamt about work and the next day you feel like you haven’t slept a wink. Your subconscious, which controls your body, doesn’t know the difference between fact or fiction, so it believes you were at work all night so of course you’re tired.
It is because the subconscious believes everything you tell it that makes hypnotherapy so successful. With neuroscience permitting us incredible insight into brain function, we can now use hypnosis to manifest biological and psychological miracles that our forefathers would have considered “pure magic”.
Hypnosis is the catalyst that can break the cords that tie us down to mediocrity. Whether it’s losing weight, stopping smoking, increasing study skills, improving sales skills, removing fears and phobias, managing pain, etc; hypnosis can help because it is the gateway to our highest consciousness. We all have this amazing subconscious part of our brains that can enhance whatever we can imagine.
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As always, Take Care